Why Choose Healthplex As A Dental Partner?

Participating health care organizations and their partners are faced with multiple challenges:


At Healthplex, our sole purpose is to support the Managed Care Organization with whom we are contracted. Regarding care, we have pledged to provide the members with increased access to dental treatment and to preserve their dignity. Regarding costs, our flexible funding mechanisms have allowed plans to stabilize the expenses and continue to offer dental as part of a total health benefit. All this along with improved HEDIS scores makes Healthplex your vendor of choice and here's why:

Experience and Expertise

Healthplex can focus on the provision and administration of dental benefits because dental is our only business. We were established by, and are still managed by, dentists who used their clinical knowledge to create an efficient dental health care delivery system. For 30 years, our various insured and administrative services programs have dependably served the Commercial and Government Services markets. Backed by advanced technology and over two million enrollees, Healthplex has been a credible leader in the field of dental benefits.

Full Risk Capabilities

To completely manage a health care program, you must effectively manage risk. While administrative service plans can often be of value, many organizations find that fully insured options are better at controlling costs. Healthplex has the actuarial experience to provide you with stable dental care premiums, even in an environment of rising expenses for medical and pharmaceutical care. When we manage the risk with a fully funded plan, your budget becomes fixed and predictable.