Healthplex is proud of its reputation of administering government funded dental benefit programs with the highest level of professionalism, commitment and efficiency. We adhere to the highest standards in the industry.

Since 1994, Healthplex has been administering Government Funded Dental Programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, Child Health Insurance Programs and Family Health Insurance Programs. We have experience and success with controlling costs while insuring that our members' oral health needs are being addressed. As a result, we have been able to provide quality care while saving significant dollars for our government and HMO partners.

Healthplex is your committed, long-term partner. Our established track record, superior risk management skills and a concern for the community, demonstrate an overall commitment to excellence and leadership.

The Healthplex Solution

Keys to our success:

There are a variety of reasons why Healthplex can help clients administer a very successful dental program - here are just a few:

Experience and Expertise

Healthplex can focus on the provision and administration of dental benefits, because dental is our only business. We were established by, and are still managed by, dentists who used their clinical knowledge to create an efficient dental health care delivery system. Since the 1970's, our various insured, capitated and administrative service programs have dependably served the commercial and Government Service markets. Backed by advanced technology and 3 million enrollees, Healthplex has been a credible leader in the field of dental benefits.

Full Risk Capabilities

To completely manage a health care program, you must effectively manage risk. While administrative service plans can often be of value, many organizations find that fully insured options are better at controlling costs. Healthplex has the actuarial experience to provide you with stable dental care premiums, even in an environment of rising expenses for medical and pharmaceutical care. When we manage the risk with a fully funded plan, your budget becomes fixed and predictable.

Seamless Transition

Healthplex has significant experience in adding large blocks of business to our system. With groups ranging in membership from under one hundred to hundreds of thousands, our skilled implementation team ensures a smooth transition with complete continuity of care. These experts handle all of the details and allow your staff to focus on other more important plan issues.

Large Provider Networks

Participating provider networks have always been a key component of Healthplex's dental programs. We recognize the value of a strong relationship with the dental community and have always attempted to balance the needs of dentists with those of our enrollees. Because of this, we have been successful in establishing panels that are constantly expanding. We offer dentists access to a wider patient base and we offer enrollees superior access to care.

A Committed, Long-Term Partner

Healthplex organizations need to know that their vendors will always be by their side. As your dental partner, we will be there - working hard today and helping you plan for tomorrow.

We promise to support your healthcare goals, and take all the steps necessary to ensure your success.

Our proven track record is your guarantee!

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