Healthplex knows that in order to stand out in your field, you have to do one thing and do it right. We have made dental benefits our primary focus and have stabilized premiums for thousands of satisfied groups. We are one of the largest dental administrators in the state of New York with over 3 million members.

In 1977, two dentists created Healthplex in an effort to control the increasing costs of dental care. In the years that followed, Healthplex maintained its goal and successfully managed dental expenses for labor organizations, municipalities, school districts and businesses of all sizes.

Although Healthplex has grown into one of the largest dental providers in the Northeast, we are still committed to providing the same personalized and friendly service we did when the company was founded. This philosophy has enabled us to become a leader in the dental plan industry.

We work with our clients to custom design dental benefits plans that are tailored to fit their specific personal or business needs. Healthpex dental plans are easy to use and fit within any budget.


Healthplex is committed to providing access to high quality affordable dental care and to improving the oral health of our community. Our comprehensive, innovative solutions serve to build trust and deliver value.


Whether you are looking for a new customized dental plan, wish to have an existing dental program redesigned, or simply want to lower your overall dental costs, Healthplex has you covered. We specialize in designing cost-effective dental programs for labor organizations.

For nearly 40 years Healthplex has supplied labor groups with a wide range of flexible, affordable options designed to control costs and assure quality dental care. As one of the largest dental administrator in the state of New York, we offer several options to build customized programs:

Everything we do at Healthplex is motivated by a deep commitment to our group's needs.