Healthplex Newsletters

Q3 2021

We are excited to announce that Healthplex has recently deployed technology upgrades which will result in an average reduction in claims processing times of up to two weeks. This means faster payment for services rendered, especially if your office is already enrolled in direct deposit.

If your office is not yet enrolled in direct deposit, log in to your Healthplex Provider Web Portal at and access the "Provider Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit Form" under the "Forms" tab [Read more...]

Q2 2021

Healthplex is continuously working to increase the dental visit rate of our non-utilizing members. Beginning June 14th, 2021, we will be conducting our annual calling campaign. Specially trained Healthplex representatives will contact members (between the ages of 2 and 20), or the parents of these members, who are assigned to your office and have not had a dental visit this year. The purpose of this campaign is to educate these members, their parents, and caregivers on the importance of good oral health and regular dental care. This calling campaign will last through November 2021. [Read more...]

Q1 2021

We are excited to announce that soon you will be able to find cost benefit breakdown information for commercial PPOs on our web portal. This will be found when you log into our website under "Forms -> Healthplex Provider Web Portal Guide" [Read more...]

Q4 2020

As part of the Quality Assurance program, Healthplex evaluates participating dental offices to guarantee adequate safety precautions for our members are in place. Effective 1/1/2021, Healthplex will maintain a policy in which all participating providers must have a working AED and an up to date medical emergency kit with the following unexpired items: [Read more...]

Q3 2020

Healthplex, Inc. no longer accepts handwritten claim submissions. This will ensure that your submitted claims are processed accurately, quickly, and effciently. [Read more...]

Q2 2020

Effective January 1, 2020, Village Care Max GG-510-MAP is now a Medicare/Medicaid dual-eligible program. The Medicaid portion of this plan follows the New York State MMIS guidelines with additional limited coverage for implant services as well as fixed bridges, molar root canals, and post and crowns on molar teeth. [Read more...]

Q1 2020

Healthplex is no longer accepting predeterminations, claim submissions, specialty referrals, and all relative documents via email or fax. Please see below for accepted routes of communication: [Read more...]

Q4 2019

Has your office moved to another location? Hired additional providers? Plan on expanding? Please contact Healthplex immediately to update your practice information. Our goal at Healthplex is to keep our records as precise and relevant as possible for our directories so that Healthplex members can easily find you. In order to do so, it is important for Healthplex to be notified of any changes your office may be experiencing. [Read more...]

Q2 2019

Healthplex is continuously working to increase the dental visit rate of our non-utilizing members. Our Outreach Program conducts an annual calling campaign which identifies pediatric members with gaps in their preventative dental care. Outreach Representatives are trained to contact these members to educate and encourage the parent/guardian to take action. [Read more...]

Q1 2019

Are all of your seats full? If not, then hygiene is your answer. That empty seat can be a source of revenue when you fill them with hygiene appointments. [Read more...]

Q4 2018

Healthplex is pleased to announce the self-service functionality of retrieving your Government Managed Care Fee Schedules on the Healthplex website. [Read more...]

Q3 2018

Healthplex has implemented new guidelines based on guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for infection control and sterilization which include spore testing weekly. During your routine scheduled site visit offices will be expected to be spore testing weekly. During a routine scheduled site visit, offices will be inspected for weekly spore testing by a Healthplex representative. If your office is not spore testing weekly, you will receive a corrective action plan from Healthplex which needs to be returned along with proof that the office is spore testing weekly. [Read more...]

Winter 2018

As of November 10, 2017, Chris Schmidt was named President and CEO of Healthplex, Inc.. Chris has been a part of the management team at Healthplex for over 30 years in various technical and strategic roles, and brings with him a thorough understanding of the business, including the importance of maintaining positive relationships with our providers. His people-focused leadership style, systems expertise, and market understanding will be instrumental in achieving Healthplex's long term goals. [Read more...]

Fall 2017

I am the Director for Oral Health Education for Healthplex and have been in healthcare for over 42 years. Having served on various Healthplex committees, I have the opportunity to observe the comments from Healthplex patients and the pressures that providers experience in their patient care in our utilization management conferences. I see that the patient - dentist communication beyond the definitive care is a frequent and significant concern. Specifically, the expectations of the patient, having a low understanding of dental care, what happens in their dental visit and their responsibility to the success of the visit is often not clear. I realize that "education" and time are difficult challenges in healthcare. Here are four areas that I recommend should receive more attention from providers. [Read more...]

Winter 2017

Alzheimer's Disease (Alzheimer's) is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. Alzheimer's affects approximately 5 million Americans today and is expected to rise to over 16 million cases by the year 2050. There is no known cause of the disease, which has led researchers to investigate a possible link between type II Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes) and Alzheimer's. Research has begun to show a direct correlation between increased blood glucose levels and inflammation of the tissues surrounding the teeth. Furthermore, research is revealing that patients who suffer from Alzheimer's are also at an increased risk of developing periodontitis. [Read more...]

Summer 2016

Over 60 years ago the U.S. Public Health Service recommended adding controlled doses of fluoride to municipal water, and today the subject is just as controversial now as it was back then. It is easy to understand the reasons for community resistance to water fluoridation. There have been vague and misleading headlines in the news, and this is all a patient needs to form an opinion. [Read more...]

Spring 2016

Healthplex conducts quarterly After Hours Access surveys. The purpose of these surveys is to ensure that all providers participating in our programs have an "After Hours" method of communication in place for patients. [Read more...]

Winter 2016

The National Children's Dental Health Month (NCDHM) began as two events that took place in Ohio in February 1941. From there, the American Dental Association created the Children's Dental Health Day on February 8, 1949. Since then the program has grown into a nationally recognized, month-long celebration known as the NCDHM. The program reaches millions of people nationally and at numerous armed service bases. Local observances include essay, coloring and poster contests, class room presentations, museum exhibits, free dental screenings and health fairs, and tours of dental offices. Positive attitudes and habits established at an early age are essential in maintaining good oral health throughout life. [Read more...]