Healthplex is pleased to announce new additions coming to our suite of products aimed to make you smile!

National PPO Network

Healthplex is pleased to announce our new National PPO Network with over 519,000 nationwide dental access points, providing members the care and access they deserve. This extensive new network offers unmatched flexibility and the ability to customize coverage levels - keeping members and their families healthy and smiling.

Managed Care Plans

Our new Managed Care plans are designed to help employers meet their budget while providing comprehensive coverage for the oral health of their employees. The Managed Care Plans have an extensive network of over 6,000 dental access points in New York and New Jersey, getting employees the care they need and providing the freedom to choose a dentist from our large network of trusted providers. Our Managed Care Plans combine the advantages of extensive care from a Primary Care Dentist with a broad range of services to keep employees smiling.

Selling dental plans are a great way to increase your income, and the demand for dental plans is on the rise. Dental plans help employers retain employees and help improve employee satisfaction. But small-to medium-sized companies are desperately seeking guidance in choosing a plan that's both affordable and meets their needs.

Selling a Healthplex plan is easy. We offer one of the largest dental networks with the steepest discounts in the New York area.

The inherent flexibility of our plans let you tailor the cost/benefit mix to best match your prospect's needs. And our knowledgeable, professional staff of dental experts is eagerly standing by to provide the resources you need to succeed.

We offer:

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